Investment visa

10 October 2019

– Are you looking for an investment visa for setting up or contributing capital to companies in Vietnam?

– Are you a foreign lawyer and need to visa to work in Vietnam?

If you are your answers are “YES”. Congratulations, you are on the right page.

As a matter of fact, if foreigners want to invest in projects in Vietnam or foreign lawyers work in Vietnam, they do need Investment visa, which is granted by the Vietnam Immigration Department. Investment Visa or “DT” visa is issued to foreign investors and foreign lawyers working in Vietnam.


If you grant Investment visa by yourself, it is easy for you to encounter a few troubles such as:

 – Don’t know clearly about legal procedure for investor visa application in Vietnam

– Problem in the process of preparing documents 

– The lack of documents 

=> All matters lead you to take a long time and incur additional costs, furthermore,  you will miss valuable business opportunity 

Our process about Investor Visa grantation in DTLAW:

1. DTLAW guides you to prepare all documents

2. Receive your documents

3. DTLAW submit documents to Immigration Department on behalf of you and get your Vietnam visa approval letter issued. You bring this letter to Vietnam airport and have your visa stamped here.



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