Real Estate & Construction

17 July 2019

Having extensive experience in consulting and directly implementing many large-scale projects

Our firm can advise investors for full duration or any particular phase of real estate and construction projects, including:

– Collecting and providing information on investment policy and master-planning of Vietnamese state in real estate and construction projects;

– Introducing potential locations for real estate and construction projects;

– Advising on, drafting agreements, contracts for investment cooperation, transfer of land-use rights among investors for project implementation;

– Advising on, drafting, reviewing and representing clients during the process of contract negotiation in the field of construction;

– Advising on, drafting necessary documents and representing clients to apply for approvals from state competent authorities in the preparation and implementation of investment projects;

– Advising on conditions, orders and procedures, and drafting necessary documents for projects;

– Advising on conditions, orders and procedures for completion of project construction and exploitation of works;

– Advising on transferring or leasing of projects.